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Comprehensive information for people who want to know about whooping cough: compiled by an expert doctor

Do you think YOU have it?    LISTEN to the sound of whooping cough.  Watch a video of it. Get the FACTS about clinical whooping cough. ALL this information is here. You can also EMAIL me for personal ADVICE if you think you have whooping cough.

This site has been created by Dr Doug Jenkinson, a (retired) family doctor in England. He has studied whooping cough in his practice in Keyworth since 1977 and has personally dealt with over 700 cases.

"My mission is to make health professionals aware that whooping cough is much more common than they realise, that it now affects ALL AGES, and to help those with it to be able to make their own diagnosis, since their doctor probably won't"



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Most people misunderstand whooping cough, including professionals.
Most cases never get diagnosed.
Yet sufferers or their parents spend months of anxiety, living with a desperately severe cough, unable to convey its severity to the doctors they are seeking help from.
They are usually told it is a virus or asthma, and all the tests are negative.
This site gives relief to those who have it but cannot get anyone to believe them, and those who did not realise they had it.
If you have a severe and mysterious cough, this could be the site you are looking for!
Adults in the USA can get a 10 yearly booster shot to help prevent it.
I now recommend sufferers to make a sound or video recording of a paroxysm to help their doctor to make a diagnosis
I would like to know if you think you have whooping cough. Just go to the
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www.whoopingcough.net/keyworth epidemiological data from the Keyworth whooping cough monitoring study (for health professionals)