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Can you answer "yes" to all  3 questions. If so, there is a high probability you have whooping cough. This is clearly a rough and ready test. The only way you will get a definite diagnosis is from a doctor who can talk to you and examine you and do relevant tests. This would normally include a blood test for antibodies to pertussis toxin.

Question 1
Have you had attacks of coughing lasting at least a minute for at least 3 weeks, that come without warning, make you cough and cough and cough until you feel as if you are choking and unable to get a breath, making you red in the face, nauseous, and frightening anyone who observes you?

Question 2
Do you go for hours or more feeling fine without any cough at all?

Question 3
Is this the first time you have ever had a cough like this?

If in addition, you know other people who have or have had an identical cough, and you have been in contact with them, or you have been in contact with known whooping cough cases, then the probability that you have it is even stronger.